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Tewy Releases Uplifting New Track 'The Greatest'

Bay Area native Tewy is a singer-songwriter on a quest to keep the vibes as high as possible. Tewy effortlessly blends elements of EDM and pop on his edgy new track ‘The Greatest’. Tewy advocates that every day is a gift and his appreciation for life and those around him shines through in his music. ‘The Greatest’ has a warm and optimistic tone as it embraces the feeling of finding the person you want standing next to you through everything.

Listen to 'The Greatest' here:

Tewy on the meaning behind the track:

“The song is about the moment of clarity we all have when we see ‘the one’. From then on, nothing else matters except for doing everything we can to be with that person. A powerful feeling of familiarity and relief where everything seems to click and nothing can stop you from making it happen.”

A self-taught guitarist, pianist, and instinctive lyrical experimentalist, Tewy fell hard for the magic of song creation. Sources of inspiration: Quinn XCII to Russ, Chris Brown to SiR, Leon Bridges to Miguel to Marc E Bassey. Tewy's tows the line between Hip-Hop/R&B and Pop. Tewy’s genuine appreciation for different genres and generations shines through in his music.

Follow Tewy:

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