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  • FLEX Staff

The Antipop Mvmt Releases Dynamic Pop Track 'No Boys Allowed'

‘No Boys Allowed’ is the powerful new statement from The Antipop Mvmt, a dynamic pop track that empowers women through the dismantling of the system.

Through the use of shimmering synths, a punchy array of beats as well as a dance-ready rhythm TAM has created a devilishly dark pop soundscape. The melding of traditional pop melodies and alt-rock lines work in harmony with the vocals offered by 16 year old Nika to characterize the song and add to its overall meaning.

Discussing the meaning behind the song, Ophelia (TAM) explains, “The song which features emerging artist Nika is about female empowerment. It's a contrast to the cliched "boys club". A utopia where teen girls rule.”

Ophelia is an artist with multitudes of personality and a mission statement that is encouraging and inspiring. She makes music with the sole purpose of empowering women of all ages and making a statement that impacts the day to day lives of women of the world. Ophelia also runs a NFP business called ‘Girls Rock Santa Barbara’, a series of getaway camps aimed at young women with the mission to empower them through music education and the creative arts.

‘No Boys Allowed’ is another stellar example of Ophelia’s raw talent for writing and creating music that serves her mission whilst being completely captivating and addictive.



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