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  • Alice Smith

The Avenues Ignite Indie-Rock Fervor with "Office Wear"

The Avenues are a four-piece indie-rock band from Hull. Coming together in late 2018, they have already played some huge gigs including selling out venues in their hometown and garnering attention with every new release. Their music, characterised by a fusion of indie-rock melodies, paints a vivid emotional landscape that is both frantic and anxious while retaining a hint of summery warmth. In their new indie-rock anthem, "Office Wear", The Avenues delve into the profound themes of growing up and the yearning for escape. Tom, one of the band's members, reveals that the track emerged from the depths of childhood fears surrounding the inevitability of a predictable adult life. The song encapsulates a poignant juxtaposition, intertwining the anxieties rooted in the past with the dreams of an adult seeking liberation. With a nostalgic touch and a raw, emotive energy, The Avenues skillfully navigates the complexities of transitioning from the innocence of youth to the uncertainties of adulthood, creating a musical narrative that will resonate with everyone.


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