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Nottingham UK 3-piece The Barnum Meserve are excited to announce their forthcoming album ‘Designs’ which is set for release on Friday 30th September. The news comes with the second slice of the album in the form of new single ‘Roleplay’. A pulsating new single that constantly thrives off of its rhythm and its ability to pull on emotions at every corner.

With their new single we see The Barnum Meserve continue a new era which see’s the band combined old-world instruments with new technologies such as synths, drum machines and arpeggiators allowing them to experiment with more expansive and alluring soundscapes.

Check out the video right here:

“When I wrote the lyrics, I wanted people to interpret it as a sexual song which it completely isn’t. In some sense I wanted people to be led down the wrong path regarding the meaning of the song when in reality, Roleplay is about being someone you're not to please others around by playing a fake persona yet feeling uncomfortable in your own skin because of it.” Explains the bands frontman Leon Wiley.

Roleplay follows on the cinematic single ‘Gaslight’ that opened up the bands journey towards their upcoming album ‘Designs’. The album will feature 14 incredibly well-crafter tracks that started off as an experiment with synthesisers and arpeggiators, taking a completely new approach than before and making a massive leap forward.

Check out 'Gaslight' right here:


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