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The Fur Makes It Feel Like Summer In ‘Forbidden Fruit’

The Fur has been on a roll this past year as he storms the EDM scene with a string of singles. After amassing over four hundred thousand streams since his debut last year, The Fur is breaking into electronic arenas with some pretty massive momentum. His third original release, the more pop-infused ‘Forbidden Fruit’, was a huge part of the streams fuelling his Spotify feed — and rightfully so.

The assortment of striking synths that form the structure of the song is beautifully blended. From the slick stabs that kick off the track to the lead synth that sails over the chorus, The Fur sure knows how to create an immersive soundscape. Floating over the formidable vocal line of Julia Ross. Her striking tone is a stunning addition to the synthetic sonic landscape as her natural, unaffected vocal line stands out. Her ability to weave between the softer, intimate moments and the stronger sections melts magically with the gentle guitar lines that are sewn into the song's structure.

‘Forbidden Fruit’ is a force of electronic dance magic, sculpted to score any summer day.

Listen to ‘Forbidden Fruit’:




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