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The Horn dazzle with indie rock anthem 'Do It Now'

The Horn have made quite the impression since their debut single back in June of this year. The UK supergroup made up of songwriter Nick True and multi-instrumentalist Danny Monk, alongside singer and guitarist Jonny Taylor, keyboardist Ed Cox and drummer Alex Moorse, the quintet combine their different perspectives on playing music as session musicians. The result is a hook-ridden and undeniably catchy brand of indie rock that are instant ear-worms for the masses.

Going from strength to strength, their fourth single 'Do It Now' is a dazzling piece of British indie rock that stands among the best. A real youthful exuberance in the lyricism from True, the song is about living life to the full and not waiting around to be picked up, with the song then being crafted and passed through the band.

“Without you always wanting it to, this song gets under the skin like a knife and stays with you for days. But really I think it expresses the frustration, which is perhaps that of not being allowed to do something, waiting in line, or just the sheer impatience of what it is to be a human being on this planet.”

The result is another highly infectious offering that will surely be another playlist hit from this talented outfit, that holds a real understated confidence that doesn't cross that line of arrogance. This is just really good music that hits that sweet indie spot. Check it out now!

Stream 'Do It Now' here:

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