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The Indios bring jungle vibes w/ their latest track 'Colombian Drugs'

The Indios are bringing an eclectic mix of jungle Dancehall and Indie Pop vibes in their latest track ‘Colombian Drugs’.

After moving to the UK in 2016 Colombian collective, The Indios, quickly formed an experimental project with the ambition to create music that was familiar to the UK Indie music palette while celebrating and their Latino heritage.

'Colombian Drugs' is the perfect example of their vision coming to life as we see (and hear) the traditional vivacious drumming and the modern shimmering productions closing the gap between Reggaeton and Electro Pop.

Lyrically the track flows between English and Spanish depicting the negative impacts of drugs, “This song is about the other side of the coin when it comes to drugs. Not the usual story of a lavish life of pleasure but the darker side of it. The song means a lot to us since we come from a country very affected by this", they explain.

We can't wait to hear what's next from the group!


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