• joe3636

The Kount x Kaelin Ellis provide dream collaboration in beat track single 'Caffeine'

The Kount x Kaelin Ellis are the example of two artists coming together in their prime to create something magical. The pair are due to release their first album in early September, and have given us a sneak peek of what's to come in beat track 'Caffeine'. Originally created as a beat track that The Kount created and posted on his socials back in 2020 and went viral, Kaelin Ellis also featured on the original video, and now over 2 years later, have finally released into the streaming world.

Already racking up over 50,000 streams, its proof that beat tracks are still very popular among hardcore fans, and this beat track is synonymous of The Kount's varying and unique style, using samples from a cafetiere to produce the beginning of the beat. Kaelin then plays some really, floaty and melodic piano with the duo's chemistry shining through in that one minute of pure talent. Check it out now.

Stream 'Caffeine' in full here: