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The Last Skeptik returns with highly-anticipated new album ‘You don’t like me but i’m still here'

The Last Skeptik is proving that he is one of the UK’s most exciting Hip-Hop talents with his alternative and emotional sound paired with his self-production. Having written music for huge brands and his previous offering ‘See You In The Next Life’ accumulating over 5 million streams, The Last Skeptik is quickly becoming a household name.

His new track ‘billboards’ laments about seeing others succeed while you’re still in your hometown, with an ultimately satisfying and refreshing conclusion. The album as a whole draws on a wide range of themes, weaving a rich tapestry of society, family and upbringing whilst being fiercely outspoken.

The Last Skeptik shows that he is content with being an outsider, and as a result, his music brings an entirely new perspective to the scene.



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