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  • Ami Row

The Lost Gecko have announced a fantastic new studio work, ‘Snowdropping’

The Lost Gecko is an indie-folk trio based in beautiful Cork, Ireland. Their music is refreshingly minimalistic, going for a deep, yet down-to-earth sound that highlights the personal qualities of the trio’s outstanding songwriting chops. Their most recent studio release, Snowdropping, is actually a fantastic example of taking folk and modernizing it, but without ever losing out on the true, genuine essence of a genre that feels so honest and timeless for a reason! Snowdropping is a really stunning release, and it highlighting the chemistry that binds each musician in this beautifully balanced trio, where every person has a defined identity, but at the same time, there is also a strong sense of the “whole,” the unique and unmistakable “x factor” that binds The Lost Gecko together, moulding their sound into something that is quite unique and remarkable. Do check out The Lost Gecko if you are a fan of artists such as Bright Eyes, Francis Moon, Mumford & Sons or Local Natives, only to mention but a few! You won’t be disappointed. This release is currently available to stream and download!

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