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The Perfumers release American politics singalong "American Model"

The Perfumers are an alt-pop trio that release infectious music, their latest offering comes in the form of a new single called "American Model."

The song features irresistible riffs and nods towards heavier rock, whilst having pop hooks and production that allows the band to express their feelings towards American politics. A singalong banger, "American Model" is sure to get your initial attention by it's sound, but also entice you to look at the lyrics in detail also.

Speaking to us, they share: "We were inspired by the political discourse in the United States and how capitalism affects a person's everyday life. What we want people to take away from the track is that we need to work together to build a better society for our future generation. To advocate for climate change, Anti-racism, and the LGBTQIA+ community. Also to not worry about the societal expectations that are put on people.”

Collectively, they have played on television, the radio, and Rockapalooza. With these accolades, and strong musical offerings, we can see them going to the top.

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