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The Pretty Ugly release anthemic, indie pop gem “That’s Such A Girl Thing To Say”

The Pretty Ugly are quickly coming to the front of the new 80s indie-pop revival scene. The Yorkshire 4 piece try to blend modern with their influences, resulting in a signature sound. A mixture of vintage, indie rock and chorus soaked sadness, their musical offering is destined to entice you in.

Their latest single “That’s Such A Girl Thing To Say” is a vibrant new single. The track has a perfect foundation, with a formidable drum and bass partnership that creates an irresistible groove. Guitars create a swirling pot of melodies that ebb and flow between each other. On top lies an irresistible vocal line that creates a fantastic partnership with well-penned lyrics.

Discussing the track, The Pretty Ugly share: “The song came from the realisation that frontman Jimmy's girlfriend at the time was cheating on him. The controversial title was picked purely because it reflects perfectly the extreme irrational emotions that somebody goes through when going through an awful break up like that. However, in our typical fashion we dressed the song up as an alt rock, indie, punky upbeat tune with a chorus to die for. It's a real earworm.”

It’s clear to see that the 80s obsessed Indie rockers (once described as looking like they 'met at a bus stop') aren't your average alternative group. With so much in the pipeline, we cannot wait to see them progress.

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