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The Pulltops continue to shine across their lively new single 'Here We Are'

Ever since they returned with their stunning comeback single 'Changes' last year, Milwaukee's The Pulltops have been on an electrifying run. Turning out a wealth of brilliantly fun and infectious jams in the months since, including their much-loved EP 'Between The Lines', they are now looking to kick off their 2024 in style with the lively new single 'Here We Are'.

Adopting another heady dose of those swaggering pop-rock rhythms they have been developing lately, their newest outing is another shining example of their progressive nature of late. Brimming with this warm and inviting atmosphere that moves along at a rejuvenated pace throughout, 'Here We Are' begins their new year with style and finesse at every turn.

Working in a more country-rock-inspired aesthetic this time around, 'Here We Are' marks a vibrant moment in their renewed sound to date. Finding and developing exciting textures for themselves once again, The Pulltops look set to make these next few months some of their most impactful yet.

Enjoy 'Here We Are' below.



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