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The Roles unveil their hard-hitting single ‘I Try’

The Roles are back with their new single ‘I Try’. First released in 2022 as part of a compilation album, they’ve now re-released the single as it has become their most popular track. Based in Kyiv, Ukraine, The Roles are comprised of four talented musicians, Nastya, Stas, Bohdan and Andrew. They’ve given incredible live performances and left audiences with long-lasting melodies, building up to leave a mark on the music scene of their home country.

Despite their lives being upended by the war in Ukraine, they’ve maintained their ambition, determined to get back to gigging and rehearsing as soon as possible. After being forced to move away from their home city, they decided to get their story told, inspiring new listeners from across the world to listen to their music.

‘I Try’ showcases the band's love for rock music, weaving in themes of love and relationships through Nastya’s powerful vocal performances. Backing her up there are crisp, near haunting soundscapes filled with distorted guitars and cutting electronic sound effects. Passionate by all accounts, each member performs with musicianship and aggression, encapsulating a truly heavy atmosphere.

The band speaks on their story, “All the band members are melomaniacs and somehow related to music since childhood so it was just a matter of time to gather and make our own songs.

The track describes relations between two lovers, its ups and downs and the main goal is that each and every listener could find something personal while listening to it.”

Adding a message surrounding the ongoing war in their home country, they share, “Please feel free to donate to our soldiers if that’s possible outside of Ukraine, it really helps a lot, and always stay human, despite the times you live in.”

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