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The Screaming Pope offers up his vibrant new album 'The Value Of Priceless'

Despite only joining the fold back in 2021, Boston's The Screaming Pope has already released more than twenty albums. With each one pursuing its own distinctive direction, he has cemented himself as one of the more prolific names doing the rounds right now. And with a flurry of releases under his belt this year already, he continues that vibrant quest with his latest LP 'The Value Of Priceless'.

His earlier work has tended to explore a mixture of soul, hip-hop and more electronic ideas, but for 'The Value Of Priceless', he is looking to bring all of that innovation under one roof. With each track exploring its own unqiue pursuit towards sound and genre, he returns with one of his most eclectic releases to date. Brimming with this unpredictable flow that quickly hops around from style to style, The Screaming Pope finds himself in truly adventurous spirit here.

While a catalogue as rampant as his is never easy to keep fresh and interesting, 'The Value Of Priceless' seems to have no problem delivering something new to pursue. Creating a wonderfully explorative nature from start to finish, there is certainly something for every taste here.



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