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Thehiz releases bouncy new tune 'Payday'

Thehiz first exploded onto the scene with his debut single ‘SUBMARINE’ in early 2022. This track was a long time coming, with the artist first discovering his love for rock music when he moved to the US at eleven-years-old, after previously living in Ethiopia. It’s this love that became the basis for the music he writes now. A strong 2022, a stronger 2023 and 2024 set to be an impressive year for the artist with more music and a European tour, Thehiz is an artist set for the top.

His latest release is more of the alt-pop style we’ve come to love with ‘Payday’. It’s energetic and punchy, with rhythmic electric guitars, a dynamic vocal performance and an exuberant horn section to back up the chorus. The drums will have you clapping along throughout and the lyrics have a punky edge and plenty of fun that get you shouting along to the optimistic lyricism.

On the new release, he says, “I started recording this song in 2021. I co-produced it with Steve Wilmot [OneRepublic, U2, Switchfoot] and Taylor Frankyn. It was mixed by Dusty Moon. Going through the motions of life and feeling like my dreams were so far away. I wrote it to motivate myself through the journey. I wrote this song almost 9 years ago. I’ve accomplished so much since in everything I’ve pursued and it still feels like I’m just getting started.”



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