• chloemogg6

There's nothing 'Temporary' about the love for Gem Chantelle's new anthem

At over a month old, 'Temporary' is still the talk of the town. The fascinating new release from NY based artist Gem Chantelle is an addictive pop number with layers of personality. Produced by Jamie McArdle, the exceptional new release consistently evolves with each listen. Nothing temporary about the love for the new gem, this song will certainly have a permanent place in your heart from here on out.

Sharing her thoughts on the vivid new single, Gem Chantelle explains, “I wrote Temporary about the constant changes that we're faced with as we grow. Relationships come and go, along with friendships and everything else. I've always struggled with the idea that nothing is permanent, but now I understand that change can offer so many possibilities if you embrace it. Covid happened in the middle of my first year out of High School, which put a halt to all things performing and recording. I learned to adjust to all the sudden drastic changes, and ultimately that's how the idea for "Temporary" came."

"Temporary" deserves a place right at the top of your playlist, go on, we dare you!