• Ami Row

Tobias Sarra Releases Exceptional Experimental Album ‘A Beige Kind Of Grey’

Tobias Sarra is the singer-songwriter, improviser and interdisciplinary artist stopping us in our tracks with his fresh release ‘A Beige Kind Of Grey’. Whilst it may be his first full length album, ‘A Beige Kind Of Grey’ sounds like an artist stepping into their prime.

There’s a multitude of musical influences swimming throughout each song; this is no surprise from an artist who not only releases as Tobias Sarra but is also the lead singer in the Latvian Prog Metal band ‘Mattergy’ and is one-third of MYS, an interdisciplinary performance trio. As if this wasn’t enough, he’s also the founder of the Zen ‘Shunyata Improvisation Group’. Tobias Sarra’s musicality has flourished with many branches and they seemingly have intertwined and twisted in each track of ‘A Beige Kind Of Grey’.

With an album so defiantly diverse, it’s a wonder how Tobias Sarra has crafted such a cohesive body of work. Themes of depression, self-abuse, devotion and redemption swim throughout each song. There’s almost a stream of consciousness feel flowing from the piano-led opener ‘Mornings’ to the concluding, beautifully blurred production of ‘Oh My Lord, I Love You’. We are but a leaf on the stream of Tobias Sarra’s artistry, being swayed by each sonic shift in ‘A Beige Kind Of Grey’.

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Words by Sasha Lauryn