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Tom Hannay releases soulful new single "Fade Out Of View"

Tom Hannay showcases vulnerability on his latest single "Fade Out Of View." The track features a vibrant melting pot of warm key parts, playful drums and distortion-drenched guitars. Soulful vocals land on top, working hand in glove with well-penned lyrics. The track is emotive and it's accompanying video is equally as impactful.

Speaking about “Fade Out Of View,” Tom says: “I wrote this song during a strange transitional period in my life. I had spent the year living in a motor home, driving around the UK playing shows and visiting friends. It was wonderful but at the same time I started to feel disconnected with reality, as if I was outside of society in general and fading away into oblivion.

As a way of keeping my sanity I decided to start writing a song a day, it was a way of keeping a diary since I would write about experiences or stream of consciousness type stuff. This was one of the songs that came out of this experiment and it struck me that this was in a different league from most of the other songs I had written up until then. Shortly after writing this I was given the opportunity of moving to Iceland to become part of a music collective. It was here that I started to record the album. A few of the songs I had written during my time on the road made it to the album, this was one of those songs.”

Tom grew up in Bolton in the North of England, but found himself in Iceland trying to make it in the music industry. He started a production trio with Faroese musicians Janus Rasmussen (kiasmos) and Sakaris. Speaking about his music and where his signature sound comes from, he says: “My inspirations are wide ranging and I prefer not to stick to any genre specifically, my first album was predominantly a country/alternative album, the next is more lofi/soft rock. I love songwriting/producing and the craft of creating a song and soundscapes. My influences lie in the old school songwriters of the 70s, namely Paul Simon, Jonie Mitchell and Steely Dan.”

With everything in the right place, we can't wait to see where he'll take this.


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