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Tony Baltimore Releases New Album ‘Hello Bordello’: A Modern Twist on 1970s Rock & Roll

Tony Baltimore defies the norm with the release of his latest album, 'Hello Bordello' - Out today via Conch Town Records, the multifaceted artist delivers a captivating blend of infectious alt-rock and blues, reminiscent of legends like Foo Fighters, The Rolling Stones, and Van Morrison.

Baltimore's distinctive sound, characterized by tight, crunching guitar tones, infectious melodies, and subtle touches of piano and organ, takes center stage in 'Hello Bordello.' The album serves as a testament to the artist's prowess as both a writer and performer, showcasing the full spectrum of his musical abilities.

Speaking about the album, Tony Baltimore expressed a longing for the days of complete records, stating, "No one writes records anymore; it’s a singles-based industry now." He emphasizes the joy of songwriting and the significance of a cohesive, purposeful album. 'Hello Bordello' is a deliberate departure from the trend, a modern take on a 1970s rock & roll record, in his own voice.

Mat Smith, label head of Conch Town Records, shared Baltimore's vision for artistic freedom and the creation of a full-length record. Baltimore's desire to go against the grain and create a tapestry of music is evident in the album's every lyric and note. He took a chance on himself and poured everything into 'Hello Bordello,' a record that he describes as a love letter to the music he holds dear.

Collaborating with renowned producer Ian Shaw, known for his work with Primal Scream, Nick Heyward, and Kevin Rowland, further solidifies the album's authenticity. The release has garnered attention from press outlets like Earmilk, Backseat Mafia, RnR Magazine, Clout, and Americana Highways, as well as gaining radio play across the UK and US. With a growing fanbase and hundreds of thousands of streams, Tony Baltimore has established himself as an artist to watch.

Known for his intense dedication, Tony Baltimore has been performing up to 8 shows a week in his home city of Key West, Florida. 'Hello Bordello' is a continuation of his artistic journey, showcasing an explosive display of alt-rock prowess. With nothing left to prove, Tony Baltimore is ready for the world to sit up and pay attention to his latest musical masterpiece.

Listen below:



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