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Tony Baltimore Returns With Soulful Title Track 'Hello Bordello' Ahead Of Anticipated Album Release

Renowned for his multifaceted blues, alt-rock, and vintage Van Morrison-esque songwriting style, Tony Baltimore makes a triumphant return with the title track from his upcoming album, 'Hello Bordello,' released via Conch Town Records. The new single showcases Baltimore's exceptional abilities as both a writer and performer, accompanied by his effortlessly tight backing band.

'Hello Bordello' leans on Tony Baltimore's distinctive musical palette, weaving together blues, alt-rock, and the timeless influences of artists like Van Morrison. The track is a testament to Baltimore's storytelling lyricism, with vocal harmonies and layers of melodies building around his central vocal performance. The song is crafted around strummed guitars, twinkling piano, and a driving, buoyant drumbeat, creating a rich and soulful sonic tapestry.

Collaborating with renowned producer Ian Shaw, known for his work with Primal Scream, Nick Heyward, and Kevin Rowland, Tony Baltimore ensures a polished and captivating sound for 'Hello Bordello.' The partnership has garnered press notoriety from esteemed publications such as Earmilk, RnR Magazine, Clout, and Americana Highways. The single has also received widespread radio play across the UK and the US, further solidifying Baltimore's presence on the global music stage.

Tony Baltimore's dedication to his craft is evident in his hard work and passion as an artist. Having earned a reputation for playing up to 8 shows a week in his home city of Key West, he has proven his commitment to both his art and his audience. The upcoming album, 'Hello Bordello,' is highly anticipated, promising to be a culmination of Tony Baltimore's undeniable talents and his journey as a musician.

The new single, 'Hello Bordello,' is a soulful introduction to what lies ahead on the forthcoming album, set to be a showcase of Tony Baltimore's artistry and musical evolution. As the track resonates with audiences, it solidifies Tony Baltimore's position as a noteworthy figure in the blues and alt-rock genres, setting the stage for a promising chapter in his musical career.



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