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Tony Phat finds a new realm in 'Busy'

Tony Phat is an artist who has changed with the times. Initially releasing music in an R&B/hip-hop sphere, he decided to take a musical leap of faith and dive into something completely knew and untouched. His first release in this new found direction is 'Busy', a fast-paced indie-pop-punk track that hits all types of genres.

“Evil Elvis is about trying to own yourself. If your dealing with anxiety, or feeling that you’re not good enough because of being judging you or looking down on you… you might feel alone however it’s important to own yourself and not let the ego dictate”

The thing that stands out above all is Tony's vocal, that holds its own presence entirely. It's an explosive 2 minute+ track that takes influence from Interpol to Elvis Presley, you can definitely the unique combo in this hugely intriguing offering from Tony Phat.

Listen to 'Busy' now:

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