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Toy Car Share Scorching New Single 'Rat Race'

Liverpool's Alternative-Indie/ Post-Punk-Rockers Toy Car share the scorching new single, 'Rat Race,' after setting the stage alight at Isle of Wight Festival 2023. This latest release marks the first of a dynamic double single offering from the band, showcasing a more explosive, rock-influenced facet of their musical prowess.

Recorded in Leeds under the expert guidance of Harry Jordan and Dan Clifford Smith, known for their work with Alt-rockers Eades, and mixed by the talented Ben Harper, who has worked with acts like The Mysterines and The Sherlocks, 'Rat Race' epitomizes the raw intensity that has propelled Toy Car into the limelight as an exceptional live act. This single serves as a resounding statement of intent for the band, presenting some of their most immediate and compelling work to date.

The track itself is a high-octane masterpiece, featuring tightly-knit drums, a barrage of overdriven guitar lines, and a steady bassline that collectively constructs an expressive and raucous musical landscape. Over this sonic backdrop, the urgent, half-spoken, half-sung vocals reign supreme, emphasizing the post-punk undertones and 90s Brit-pop influences that permeate 'Rat Race.' Clocking in at a succinct 2 minutes and 49 seconds, the track wastes no time in leaving its indelible mark.

Toy Car shared their insight into the song's theme, stating, "A phrase I had when writing this track was ‘to be a perfect citizen.’ It has themes of the system and society as a whole but doesn’t exactly blame anyone, only observing modern life. The structure of the track is very simple, having all the meat (language) in the verses and releasing the tension in the instrumental parts with a breakdown towards the end. I felt by doing this added some sort of town crier effect, this was further reinforced by the harmonics during the instrumental parts."

Both 'Rat Race' and its accompanying track were birthed during recording sessions in Leeds-based studios Bam Bam, which boasts an impressive roster including Daisy Brain, Far Caspian, and Eades. The band drew inspiration from the iconic Pixies' song 'Debaser,' aiming to infuse their creation with life and energy, ensuring that audiences would groove along at their live shows.

Toy Car has garnered significant support from BBC Introducing and earned praise from tastemaker press. Additionally, they secured a spot on This Feeling's 'Big In 23' list, further solidifying their rise in the music scene. Remarkably, despite only embarking on their musical journey in September 2022, Toy Car has evolved into a formidable live act, impressing audiences with their well-rounded sound. With 'Rat Race,' they continue to cement their status as one to watch.

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