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Twenty6 releases unique house track 'Are You For Real'

Twenty6 are back with a new infectious offering 'Are You For Real.' Both from Essex, Loren Hannon and Alex Burkett met by chance and together they've creativity blossomed since. With first EP ‘Got You' in the bag and the accolades to prove it, they've now released their new single 'Are You For Real.’

‘Are You For Real’ is a captivating track that pays homage to a range of different influences. With the heart of the track being house, the track also boasts a slight nod to Garage and RnB in the way it’s driven forward. Alex blurs the lines between these genres, making the track crisp and bouncy enticing us in with heartwarming synths. On top of this Loren’s vocals are raw, emotional and well-penned and work hand in glove with the talented production.

Speaking about the release Alex shares: “I've always been a fan of Disclosure and their use of interesting melodies and bouncy bass. I wanted to recreate something with a similar vibe, something that makes you want to dance, something you can't help but bop your head to when you hear it. We have a home studio and I started making this while Loren was cooking dinner. She came running in so excited when she heard it!!

Loren Hannon also shares: “The lyrics came to me pretty much straight away. When I first met Alex and was getting to know him, we started realising we had so much in common and the longer I spent with him started thinking to myself "woahh, are you for real?" That was my inspiration for the lyrics.

With such brilliant talent, we can't wait to see where they can take this project.

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