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TYZN releases catchy new dance track 'Slender'

TYZN continues to impress with his latest feel good, get up and dance track Slender. This is the third track released by TYZN this year and is expected to be another stepping stone on his path to stardom.

Slender is a harmonious coming together of soaring synths and a dynamic beat that encapsulates the listener from start to finish. The contrast in the meaning behind the lyrics and the presentation of the song as a whole gives it a unique quality that further proves TYZN’s impressive skill of creating a multi-layered production.

When delving into the meaning behind the song TYZN expands, “Slender is about that relationship you know you need to quit but you just can't get enough of that person.”

The American native is on a self-disclosed mission to make music that everyone will love and refuses to let genre confine him.

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