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Unforgettable new track 'Time and Space' from Orion Shoals

Based out of LA, the remarkable Indie-Rock duo, Orion Shoals, have recently dropped yet another spellbinding single, 'Time and Space', their second of the year. Following on from the undeniably angsty 'I Still Try', their latest release still boats their signature alluring Americana twist.

Sharing their inspiration behind the track: “'Time and Space' is an honest song about loss and letting go of the past. It builds to a euphoric release in the last chorus. The music mainly draws influence from indie rock and country. There is also an element of psychedelic rock giving the song a more atmospheric and meditative feel. The country influence stands out in the second chorus when the drums go into a gallop.”

Having only made their debut back in 2020 with the subtle and sensual 'Alone', this endlessly talented duo have already displayed three very distinct sides to their musical repertoire. Capable of everything from delicate guitar-led melodies to angst-fuelled anthems, Orion Shoals may only be at the beginning of their career but there is seemingly nothing that they cannot do.

You can check out 'Time and Space' here...

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