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Unlocking Success: Insights from Vanessa Bakewell on Standing Out Online and Achieving Your Goals

We're starting 2023 with another fantastic guest joining the podcast, discussing ways to stand out online and in your industry, how to better achieve your goals and the beginnings of vertical video on Facebook.

This week we talk to the brilliant Vanessa Bakewell about their career, starting in performing arts at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), and moving on to make waves across industries, from Google to YouTube and then finally settling at Facebook (now Meta) in 2011 before it's listing on the Stock Exchange. Vanessa led Retail Sector partnerships and, in 2012, set up the Entertainment Vertical team, where she continues to drive fundamental evolution and change as a Global Client Partner in how film and music industries globally market their releases and events across Facebook, Instagram and Quest via the explosion of video consumption on mobile.

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