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  • Paul Riley

US Rapper G Peoples Unveils Infectious New Single “High”

Rising US rapper G Peoples has returned with his new single, “High”. Starting the year off on a high, the track follows on the back of a string of well-received releases from the Dallas, Texas rapper throughout 2021, such as “Shine” and EP Mind of the Times. Building his fanbase with each release, G Peoples looks set to continue his growing momentum with “High”. The track is the first taster of his forthcoming album, Eccentric Escape, which is due for release this spring.

Proving what an exciting addition he is to the hip-hop scene, “High” stands out immediately with its infectious production and positive message. Enhanced further by G Peoples’ smooth cadence, thought-provoking storytelling and clever lyricism, “High” makes for a truly captivating listen, and it’s a track that will no doubt encourage and inspire listeners in the midst of what has been a challenging two years for everyone globally.

Speaking further on the release, G Peoples says, “‘High’ is a celebration for life and a recognition of how far I've come but still how much further there is to go. It’s about feeling high off life and is a feelgood song full of appreciation for everyone that helps me along this journey.”

Driving in his own lane and currently right at the top of his game, it’s clear from “High” that this rising rapper is a force to be reckoned with and is surely about to make some huge noise this year with the release of new album Eccentric Escape. With endless talent to supplement his developed sound and individual style, he’s still really only just getting started too, which is part of what makes him such an exciting prospect for 2022 and beyond.

“High” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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