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Valkyrie Return With Addictive New Single “Yaddy Ya”

New Zealand duo Valkyrie have returned with their brand-new single, “Yaddy Ya”. Despite only bursting on the scene a few years ago, they’ve already had plenty of success in their homeland, which includes a nationwide tour, multiple festival appearances and their debut EP topping the charts. With “Yaddy Ya”, the duo look set to capitalise on their momentum and reach even greater heights.

The high-octane track perfectly captures the spirit of the duo – electric energy, catchy melodies, punchy lyrics and endless replay value. It’s enhanced further with an accompanying music video directed by Shae Sterling. Filmed vertically, it complements the fun-loving, youthful spirit and liveliness of the song and makes for a fascinating watch – almost as if they’re inviting listeners to go and join them in the fun. Speaking further on the release, Valkyrie say, “‘Yaddy Ya’ speaks to the energy around not caring about other people's opinions of what makes you, you... so basically it's the art of not giving a f***.

“‘Yaddy Ya’ started on a 5-string guitar. It was a late-night mate challenge to make a pop song with a missing string and it bloody became exactly that. At first the song was called ‘007’ because it sounded like a female James Bond type of song. We kept that initial feeling of having ‘a license to kill’ hence ‘Yaddy Ya’”.

Armed with bags of talent to support their unique sound and style, Valkyrie are a breath of fresh air and still really only just getting started, which is part of what makes them so exciting. And with their audience continuing to grow with each new release, it’s more than evident that they have a huge future ahead and will be ones to watch over the next year as they unveil more music.

“Yaddy Ya” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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