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Versatility In Music And ‘Not Now Norman’s’ New Single: ‘Run Boy Pt. 2’

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

‘Not Now Norman’ is back and in their element with their new single ‘Run Boy Pt. 2.’ This part deux to a track of the same name sans the part 2, has everything that made the original track incredible, but multiplied. ‘Not Now Norman’ have injected fresh blood into an already lively track and that is the reason it is currently my favorite song.

With all the energy of the original ‘Run Boy,’ this reimagining comes with a fresh beat and a guest vocalist. Victoria Owsnett brings her own beautiful tone to the track. Her voice is beautiful and complements lead singer Taylor-Grace’s vocals very well. The guitars sound incredible (courtesy of Zander Brown) and gives the haunting track a pleasant crunch and the new beat complements it well. The track is surprisingly danceable as well. It will make you want to move and contemplate at the same time.

‘Not Now Norman’ has a way of coming together and using their irreplaceable chemistry to make flawless tracks. Whether slow or fast, loud or soft, they know how to be themselves in whatever style of music they are making. ‘Run Boy Pt. 2.’ really showcases their ability to make any style of music their own and bend it to their will.


Not Now Norman:

Victoria Owsnett:

Geo Moon:

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