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Wahid releases his true brand of hip-hop in 'What's In A Name' EP

Wahid is one of the many talented individuals in seeyousoon, and has also decided to take his own route over the years and inspired himself to create more music more to his liking. Previously under the name Joshua, Wahid has always had a love for releasing hip-hop records that are a true testament to the greats such as Jay Z & Nas.

He now returns with a 2-track EP 'What's In A Name' with both tracks 'AKA' & 'WAHID' showcasing his true talents as a rapper and hip-hop artist. Writing all his own lines and songs, he is a proper all rounded talent with plenty fo punch. These two tracks are close to home and provide a hypnotic dosage fo hip-hop that all lovers of the genre that easily settle into.

Listen to 'What's in A Name' now:

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