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We’re fools for Marq Electronica’s upcoming single ‘Crazy Fool’

Right now, it’s safe to say we are all in need of a pick-me-up. Well, luckily for us, Marq Electronica is back with another banger set to list our spirits and get us grooving again. This February, Marq Electronica will be colouring our daily soundtracks once again with his upcoming single ‘Crazy Fool’. Having been round the block a couple times already, Marq Electronica is adding to his sonic universe with the electrifying energy of his latest single - and we couldn’t be more grateful. Whilst still fronting the incredible electro-synth rock band, Sapien Trace, Marq is delving into his solo career, claiming lockdown was the push that he needed.

“After years singing and writing lyrics and performing in the region with my band, lockdown gave me the opportunity to work on solo material and some exciting collaborations. I’ve never been that confident writing my own music and lyrics but after sharing some of my songs with friends and fellow musicians they encouraged me to share it with everyone and strike out as a solo artist.”

Of all the things to come out of the recent chaos, Marq Electronica releasing his solo material might just be a highlight - and his highly anticipated single ‘Crazy Fool’ is no different. Boasting all the brilliant elements of a deep house sound, Marq has sculpted a summer-fuelled single rich with electric energy and unwavering good vibes. We’re all looking for a reason to dance this lockdown; this might just be it. Marq’s vocal sail over the expertly crafted sonic landscape with all the power and strength of an artist in their prime. It’s no doubt this year will be an exciting one for the up and coming musician and this upcoming single is just beginning this year. When it comes to Marq Electronica, we might just be crazy fools for him.

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