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  • Alice Smith

Whammyboy Introduces New Space-Pop Delight "Chop It"

Norwegian musician Whammyboy keeps on imposing his infectious "space-pop" sound to the world. Having already gained acclaim in Norway with his hit singles "Ocean", "Heart", and "Goosebumps", he is now setting his sights on the UK and beyond with his latest release, "Chop It".

Whammyboy's music is an intriguing blend of contemporary production and a glossy modern sheen, coupled with a sense of nostalgia and yearning. His childhood musical influences, including artists like Eiffel 65, Alice Deejay, and Tiesto, are evident in the tracks released so far, creating a captivating and unique sonic experience.

Talking about "Chop It", the artist explains: "It's called that basically because I'm chopping some's very literal," explains Noah. "The technique was inspired by Daft Punk, production-wise. But then it turned into something else, thanks to the offbeat bass from my childhood again. It really has me in its grip! With the lyrics, they're very kind of vague, expressionistic kind of lyrics."



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