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  • chloemogg6

"Windows" is the exceptional new release from Gecko Club

A band that consistently brings something new to the table, we don't know how they improve with each release, but they do. Gecko Club are best described as the summer band you need all year long.

Speaking about their new single, Gecko Club state, “Windows is an emotional, powerful song which we feel is up there with our best work. It's an expansive track which fills out the room quite easily and carries different melodies and arrangements to help it explode. James' vocals are huge and is accompanied by Liz on the BV's which was by design when we wrote the song.

We wanted to bring a saxophone in for a while and this seemed like the perfect track for it. The sax ripping throughout the latter stages of the song just felt right and we went with it. The emotion we feel when listening to the track is always intense and we know it'll never not have that effect on us. It's about something that none of us understands, love."

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