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Wotts captivate on their shining new single 'Laundry'

Over these last few months, there has been no emerging artist pushing the boundaries of their aesthetic as much as Canadian duo Wotts. With both of their recent EPs 'PETALS' and 'blue' offering up something new and refreshing from start to finish, the pair are continuing that adventurous streak once again with their shining new single 'Laundry'.

Exploring another heady dose of dreamlike grooves and electrifying indie-pop energy for their new effort, their latest endeavour is another perfect example of why so many have become fans of them recently. Creating these brilliantly absorbing textures that sweep and swoon throughout, 'Laundry' is another firm and confident return from two of our favourite emerging artists.

While it has obviously been a busy time for them lately, tracks like 'Laundry' are another firm reminder of their progressive nature of late. Building upon their formative foundations once again, Wotts have truly broken the mould on this new stunner.



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