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WVLFSN Releases Genre-bending New Track 'ZOO'

California-based artist WVLFSN (Oliver Wolfson) has just dropped energetic new track 'ZOO'. With an eclectic mix of genres effortlessly blended throughout the track, 'ZOO' is a song in which you'll find something new with every listen, from punk-inflicted guitar to a play on Elvis Presley's 'Can't Help Falling in Love'. With a stylish vocal delivery, WVLFSN lyrically explores the theme of different values becoming apparent in a relationship.

Listen to 'ZOO' here:

‘ZOO’ sends the listener on an interstellar voyage through the universe.

Listening to artists such as Young Thug, Future and Chief Keef led WVLFSN to begin producing trap beats. After making beats for about 5 years and working with some local artists, he realized that the world of sound was limitless and began writing his own lyrics, recording vocals and composing his own songs. WVLFSN’s love for the hip-hop and trap scene is sometimes challenged by the rife misogyny and violence linked to the genres, this is something WVLFSN looks to defy in his own music as an advocate for human rights.

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