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Xcellence! releases signature-sounding new album "LEGENDS of Da Fall"

Xcellence!'s unique and signature sound is representative of his upbringing. Growing up in the D.C. Metropolitan area, his sound pays homage to his childhood music inspirations whilst also paying homage to his Caribbean roots. His music is a melting pot, paying homage to many different musical genres and artists.

His latest offering comes in the form of 11-track album "LEGENDS of Da Fall." “UGH!!!” and and “WHERE THEY AT 2.0" are examples of hard-hitting offerings that features smashing drums, infectious synth lines and hard-hitting bars. Whereas tracks such as “I Used To Believe In Love” are heartwarming offerings that showcase a more vulnerable side to Xcellence!.

Speaking about the album, he shares: “Xcellence! new Album “Legends of the fall” is my harbinger/clarion call to everyone else in the music community. All my life we AS A PEOPLE have suffered loss… But, what does not kill us makes us stronger and now it’s time to win.”

Xcellence is destined for the top. He’s got a wealth of material that has been received warmly by critics and fans alike, with current hits “Bring Em Out” and “Take Ya Chick” sitting at over 750,000+ and 650,000+ streams on Spotify respectively. His sound, style and message is like no other, and 2023 is deemed to be Xcellence’s year.



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