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xo purp drops catchy indie-pop single 'nova'

There's another generational talent amongst us, and he goes by the name of xo purp. The New Yorker has grown with a musical family, and fell straight into songwriting and production. He landed his first Spotify editorial at just 16 years of age, and keeps on continuing and developing into his own force of nature.

Releasing consistently and also brilliantly, his latest single 'nova' exploration into the mind of the mysterious xo purp. Indie pop seeps through in this release, pushing the boundaries. of what we call traditional pop music. Heavily influenced by other artists such as ericdoa, glaive and aldn, xo purp is now creating his own pathway to stardom.

‘nova’ is a song about a girl called nova who falls in love with a guy but then gets into a bad set of circumstances. The 2nd part of the song where she gets lost in the forest is both literal and symbolic in the story. I usually do story songs from a male perspective so I wanted to switch things up.”

Listen to 'nova' now:

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