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Yinoluu releases exciting Lo-Fi album ‘Nostalgic’

An artist based between Lagos, Accra and Toronto, Yinoluu is the moniker Yinoluwa Olowofoyeku, who’s been producing music since 2011. He comes from a family which holds a great appreciation for the arts, allowing Yinoluwa’s younger years to be spent exploring the creative world through music, literature and drama.

His latest offering is a full-length Lo-Fi album entitled ‘Nostalgic’. His signature sound allows him to embrace influences from Afrobeat to classical music, creating a Lo-Fi hip-hop sound with compelling compositional technique and an impressive sonic space.

Lead track ‘Cherry Blossoms’ brings us a swung drum pattern and interesting vocal sample that goes onto expand into wind, brass and string melodies. This brings your imagination into a gorgeous landscape to relax in.

Speaking on the new release, he says, “The album was compiled over the course of two years, allowing experiences and emotions to inform and influence the sonic directions the album grew into. Feelings and memories were bottled into each track and expressed sonically. ‘Nostalgic’ is born of a period of Nostalgia whereby feelings from the past and the comforts of the older things seemed to creep back and I decided to express these relatable emotions through sound.”

'Nostalgic' is out on streaming platforms now! See below:



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