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5 Albums That I Love w/ Habe

Having emerged onto the scene in 2017, the New York based singer-songwriter and producer Habe has dropped his first single of 2020, "I'll Still Call". Boasting a dreamlike and kaleidoscopic lo-fi influenced soundscape, "I'll Still Call" is a melodic instrumental journey from start to finish, framed by the ethereal and distant vocals of Habe. Released as the debut single from his forthcoming EP, Rearview, due for release in early 2021, "I'll Still Call" is a dynamic and captivating listening experience like no other.

Catching up with Habe this week, he has selected the following 5 albums as having the most meaning to him. Stating, "all of these albums are attached to a specific place and time in my life."

Is This It - The Strokes

This is quintessential angsty high school for me. I would listen to this on repeat while driving my moms car to work as a busboy. It got the point where I created my own ad-libs to each song.

For Emma, Forever Ago - Bon Iver

This is another high school album, but instead of angst it’s depth. I would listen to this every night before bed and really let the lyrics sink in. It’s also something that some of my closest friends and I would listen to together, in an almost depressing fashion.

Elephant - The White Stripes

Every song on this album is badass, but one song in particular served as my “listen to this when you want to feel untouchable” track. Ball and Biscuit. It still does.

Currents - Tame Impala

This is peak college student who doesn’t know what he’s doing. I was introduced to Tame Impala while browsing YouTube and finding the It Feels Like We Only Go Backwards music video, thinking of it almost as some magical John Lennon remix. Currents blew me away instantly and contains some of the catchiest vocals and lead lines I’ve ever listened to.

In Rainbows - Radiohead

Radiohead has always been huge for me, but this album is forever etched as what I was listening to the first time I visited New York City. It was on one of those big red double decker tour busses, and a few years before I would realize I wanted to move there.

You can listen to Habe's latest single "I'll Still Call" below:

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