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5 Places That Inspire Me w/ Andrea

Influenced by the Scandinavian pop scene, Andrea is a Norweigian artist who combines sadness and optimism in a unique, uplifting way. 'Fighting For' is Andrea’s first single out of more to come over the next year. Mentioning a failed relationship as well as the struggles with making and seeing through plans, 'Fighting For' addresses the pressures in the life of a young adult.

For various reasons, we all have certain places closer to our hearts than others. I’ve made a list of my top five places I thought I’d share.


My hometown in Norway

I guess this one is quite obvious. There’s something about going back home to your parents’ house where everything is familiar, plus the fridge is full, which is a major bonus I must say. My hometown isn’t very big, so it’s the perfect quiet place to catch your breath.


My home away from home, I guess. I have so many great memories from this city where I’m currently based, and I’ve made some friends for life. Everything is so fast paced here, which I love. You’re never bored, that’s for sure. This city has certainly given me a lot of inspiration for my music.

South of France

My family has a house in southern France, and we’ve been going there every year since I was a kid. The house is in a very small town. I love going there, taking a break from all social media. You eat a lot of bread and brie, and that’s kind of perfect if you ask me.


I lived here with my family for a couple of years when I was a young girl. I have many fond memories. I attended an International school here, and that has definitely linguistically benefited me in the later years, which I am super thankful for.

Cabin in Norway

I go to my family's cabin every year. It’s a pretty common thing in Norway to spend Easter and other holidays there. We usually always spend Christmas at our cabin. It’s in the mountains, so the daily activities usually involve skiing, or other sorts of snow activities. It’s such a nice place to relax, watch a movie, or read a book. This is probably my number one favourite place.


Listen to Andrea's latest single 'Fighting For' below.

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