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5 Song I Love w/ Bryony Dunn

Alt-Pop solo artist Bryony Dunn recently released the breezy and beautiful new single 'Purified' - a fine example of her ability to craft emotionally charged, musically interesting but still commercially viable music. The track peeked our interest, so we wanted to know more about the music that inspires Bryony. Over to Bryony herself for 5 of her all time faves:

That’s Where I Am - Maggie Rogers

"Maggie. Did anyone see her at Glastonbury? If you didn’t go catch up. A huge huge inspiration. This song got me through any particularly tough spring days, the music video is amazing. When I was writing the Spring In The City EP I would put it on in the morning and dance around my room screaming this out. Not even one thought spared for my housemates haha. Would recommend for a bit of catharsis! "

Ink - Coldplay

"Ghost Stories (imo the most underrated Coldplay album) has been on my mind a lot recently as I feel like my new single Purified channels this vibe. However, I’m not heartbroken or having a divorce, my track is a lot more about letting go of unhelpful things you’ve picked up over the years as you grow. Coldplay soundtracked a lot of my youth from family holidays to fond memories of singing Viva La Vida in our girls choir at school."

Choreomania - Florence + The Machine

"THE MOST joyus song. This makes you wanna dance in the street, and that is absolutely what it’s about. I’ve loved Florence since the start. I remember listening to Lungs on a family holiday to Yorkshire and getting lost in the greenness of the rolling fields out the car window. She comes back with hit after hit. Choreomania is particularly relatable lyrically for a privileged white girl who loves dancing with complete abandon. Florence facilitates that for me. If she can, so can I, right?"

Losing You - FLYTE

"A perfect song? Perhaps. FLYTE are a fave because they write beautifully crafted songs, that are deceptively simple. This one I think stands out because the message seems so real and authentic and the pay off is to die for."

Big Love - Fleetwood Mac

"I am obsessed with Fleetwood Mac. I recently read The Making of Rumours by Ken Cailiat and it threw me into a whole new round. The magical blend of that band is unparalleled. It’s inspired me to record my next project after this upcoming one live with my band in a residential studio. It’s impossible to pick a favourite Fleetwood Mac song but this live version of Big Love leaves my jaw dropped every time so let’s go for that."

Listen to Bryony's new bop 'Purified' below:

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