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  • Alice Smith

5 Song I Love W/ Skies Behind

Skies Behind is an alternative rock sensation hailing from Cork, Ireland. They just returned with their latest musical masterpiece "I Love It" and shared with us 5 songs they love for the occasion.

1. Spanish Radio by Biffy Clyro

"We could easily do 5 Biffy songs here, they are the band that we aspire to be. Spanish Radio exudes the effortless flamboyance and rhythmic charm of these 3 fine Scotsman. With bridge after mariachi filled bridge."

2. Flaker by The Scratch

"Unapologetically Irish. So honest about the Irish lived experience of knowing someone is talking bollocks but not calling them out on it. This song is some peak modern Irish musical satire."

3. Jazz on the Autobahn by The Felice Brothers

"A complex, quirky narrative that weaves its way through such a living, breathing, instrumental. One that just trudges along between choruses that have no right to be as hooky as they are. A song that I (Dan) had started putting on for the lads as a joke has now developed into a totally unironic Skies Behind sing-along."

4. Perth by Bon Iver

"The riff. The riff is the most perfect riff in a dense, beautifully constructed arrangement. Always in our heads, never out of context. The wave of catharsis unleashed by drums and trumpets is visceral."

5. Nazare by Under Starling

"A song that erupts live. Measured and massive in its chorus. Screaming meaningless words at the top of your lungs is somehow a great way to connect with a room full of strangers. Up the Déise."

Listen to "I Love It":

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