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5 Song That I Love w/ Manu Meyer

Newcomer artist, Manu Meyer, has released his debut 'Little Monster' with a bang. To get to the bottom of his musical influences we asked him to share 5 songs that he loves.

Miley Cyrus – Midnight Sky

I have to admit that I’m a huge fan of Miley Cyrus – mainly of her live performances. She has that magnetic appearance, that voice that takes me outta space in a glimpse of an eye! The best work she did was with one of my favorite producers Mark Ronson, but this live performance of Midnight Sky just catches right at the beginning with the Wurlitzer sound playing the first chords!

David Bowie – Ashes To Ashes

David Bowie has been my Idol since I was about six years old when my father, who’s a huge David Bowie fan as well, played his record Hunky Dory. His overall creativity and ability to change, almost to resurrect every single time is mind-blowing and one of kind in this century. Ashes To Ashes is one of the best examples of his variety. Weird, absolutely killer bass line, catchy in the chorus, beat change, a time-lapse packed into three and a half minutes.

Kings Of Leon – Pyro

People who know me know that I am a huge Kings Of Leon fan. I have been to several life shows, own every record they released so far and they will be a part of my daily playlist as long as I live. Besides the fact that they worked on their best records with my most favorite producer Jaquire King, their main power over me is the overall emotion almost every song has. Caleb Followill and his unique voice is the best example of what a song really needs to catch you – emotion! Their song Pyro in particular just gets me with the first guitar riff and passes me out with the first words. Furthermore, Kings Of Leon represent hope for a lot of people. They symbolize the American dream - a bunch of brothers and cousins, sons of a United Pentecostal Church preacher, starting a band and raise up to rockstars!

Black Pumas - Colors

As you might have realised after reading my first reviews, all my choices have one thing in common – a gritty, dirty and emotional voice! So, no surprise why Colors is my next pick. No wonder that their sound is coming out of Austin TX, the world’s metropole of life music and they really are better life on stage than on their record (which is not bad at all)! A must see/listen for every musician who has a heart for neo-soul-funk and honest, genuine performance.

Bill Withers – Grandma's Hands

I mean, this guy is hopefully known by everyone and will never be forgotten on planet earth. This song in particular is the best example of how a human mind works at its best; letting out what your subconscious is saying spontaneously! You see, this is how this masterpiece has been written long time ago. Besides the fact this song is a homage to every good (grand-)mother, for me it is a kindly reminder of how my mother made every day a better day and how she still does. Actually, it’s a very short song but it always makes me cry and makes me wanna hug my mother and say ‘thank you’! A little gesture everyone of us should be done more often!

Don't forget to check out Manu latest release 'Little Monster' now:



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