• Rose Shannonn

5 Things I Love About Dublin, Ireland w/ Weirdz

Following the release of his latest project, 'Romantic Call', we caught up with Weirdz and asked him what he loves about his hometown Dublin, Ireland!

1. It is calm: Although I have lived here for almost 2 decades, there is always that home feel I get walking/driving the street of Dublin. Faces always look familiar and ready to engage with a nice smile.

2. Friendly: people here are always willing to render help no matter how small or even if you are a total stranger. Always greeting you with a smile, given that sense of community instead of a city.

3. Religious: everywhere you turn or anyone you meet always believes and seems to have the fear of God or a deity. For me, this is welcoming considering I was a raised in a church as well.

4. Multi-ethnicity: there are people from different backgrounds here so you don't feel out of place or a minority

5. Music: the music scene here is always evolving and I am happy to be part of this new generation taking over the urban scene.

Make sure to listen to Weirdz' latest collaboration with Gyptian 'Romantic Call' below: