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5 Songs I Love w/ Alex Maes & The Connection

Following the release of their debut EP 'The People We Thought We Knew', we caught up with genre-bending group 'Alex Maes & The Connection' to find out more about the music they love and why! Get to know the four-piece through their selections below and don't forget to check out the new EP, available to stream now!

1. Gagarin by Moses Sumney

Moses Sumney is such a unique artist that is able to transcend genres and develop art that really speaks to the audience. He was a big influence of ours when creating the soundscapes for our upcoming EP. The way he uses his vocals too layer and fill the the song Gagarin creates an unmatched sound that is delicate and lush.

2. Top of the World by Kimbra

This song was a huge inspiration when creating our song “Us”. We love the intensity and rapidness of her lyrics in the verse and the way she uses her various vocal processing. Also, the way she is able to tell a story through her vocal performance is incredible.

3. Hit Me by Dirty Loops

We’ve been inspired by Dirty Loops’ ability to capture their performances with advanced technique and precision, while delivering powerful mixes that are created by Simon Petren. This song is a great example of high fidelity for any audiophiles out there, and we hope to create mixes as powerful as Simon in our music.

4. Cherry Waves by Deaf Tones

We are always seeking songs that carry a beautiful melody while maintaining a heavy foundation to drive the song. Cherry Waves by Deaf Tones does exactly that. Deaf Tones blends delicate lines with heavy rhythms, which was something we were inspired by while creating this EP. The juxtaposition between heavy and delicate intrigued us during our creation process.

5. Coronus, the Terminator by Flying Lotus

The blend of tones and synths transports you to a different space when listening to this song by Flying Lotus. You can almost hear his creative process while listening. It transcends how you can think of creation when composing and songwriting.

Listen to 'The People We Thought We Knew' below:

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