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5 Songs I Love w/ Ariana Fig

Fresh off the back of her sensational single 'Maroon' in recent months, Canadian artist Ariana Fig is bursting back on the scene with her stunning new release 'Guilty Pleasure'.

Jam-packed with layers of sweet and seductive dream-pop textures throughout, we simply had to find out which other artists have been influencing her lately.

So we sat down with her to discover which five songs she has fallen in love with over the years.


Rest In Peace - Extreme

I am weirdly obsessed with these long haired geniuses. But this song is so creatively mixed to me there’s a classical element in the intro which is something I guess my ears were trained to like but then it gets cancelled out by this sick electric guitar riff and it just makes me want to get up and move.

Bloom - Matilda Mann

I just recently discovered Matilda and I am so inspired by her. Bloom is delicately soft and her voice feels like a warm hug on a cold winters day. Her lyricism is beyond incredible and listening to this song makes me feel inspired to say the least.

That Is All - Harry Nilsson

If you want to hear a song that makes you feel like you’re floating into heaven, I highly suggest this one. Harry Nilsson’s discography is all over the place which is what so many including myself love about the guy. But That is All is just painfully honest and lush with the harmonies. It pulls at my heartstrings no matter how many times I’ve listened.

Useless - Omar Apollo

This song is impossible to get out of your head once you’ve heard it. Omar’s voice and his intentions come through so much in this song. I sing it at gigs all the time because it’s just a fun tune to do with a crowd. People love a good breakup song. But it’s more than that to me, it’s the post-breakup clarity song- and then still beating yourself up for it afterwards.

Halo - Cage the Elephant

Melaphobia was a life-changing album for me. I was 12 when it came out, so it really had an impression on my youthful brain. The grittiness and loudness of the guitars with these soft pianos tackling through do something to my brain I can’t fully explain. But it’s the lyrics and Matt Schultz voice that give this one the edge for me. “Took me by that hand and said ‘remember all the good times we had?’ I remember how you took my favourite knife and sticked it under my skin” Like, genius.


Listen to Ariana Fig's new single 'Guilty Pleasure' below.


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