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5 Songs I Love w/ Asya

Rising rap star Asya recently returned her her alluring new single 'Soul Cry', a cathartic new offering that flaunts Asya's unique artistry. We caught up with Asya to find out more about the music she loves and why! Check out her selection below as well as the brand new music video for 'Soul Cry'!

1. Anybody - Lil Keed

Lil Keed is an artist that I’ve always loved but didn’t really take in until recently. His hit single ‘nameless’ was the first song I heard by him before he sadly passed away. I love this song and how he’s able to switch up his pitch and flows so uniquely. The features on this song fit with the vibe so perfect too.

2. Missing Me - Future

Future is one of my all time favourite artists. I love his unique style and flows. He expresses himself perfectly and raps about an ex lover missing him as he becomes a superstar. I first heard this song at the start of the year and it’s been on repeat ever since.

3. While we’re young - Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko has been and is still one of my biggest inspirations for music. This song in particular I have loved for many years and first heard it when I was in college. I loved the song so much that I went to the studio to cover it. The lyrics are beautiful and the calmness of her voice is what I feel my music relates to.

4. SoFaygo (Hate when it rains) - SoFaygo

SoFaygo is a new artist I have discovered, and I feel he is going to be a huge artist soon. This song is in its own lane, I’ve not heard anything like it before. The flows and melodies compliment each other perfectly and I always end up replaying the song at least twice!

5. Adore You - Miley Cyrus

I first heard this song when I was on a cruise ship in 2014, on a family holiday. I still remember the feeling it gave me and whenever I listen to it now it takes me back to that memory. Her vocals are incredible and shows how she can use less lyrics but add more background vocals.

Watch the music video for 'Soul Cry' below:

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