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5 Songs I Love w/ Beat Noir Deluxe

Following the release of Beat Noir Deluxe's new single 'Start Over Again', we wanted to find out more about the music that inspires his own unique sound. Check out the hand picked tracks below and don't forget to watch the music video for 'Start Over Again'!

De/Vision – I Regret

This is one of my all-time favorite Songs, I like all albums by De/Vision and it influenced me a lot. It has all I like about Synthpop/Futurepop: the Synths (of course), the attitude, the darkness and the melodic melancholy.

VNV Nation – When Is the Future?

I could have picked many other songs by VNV Nation. But this is a more recent song with a nice videoclip, and musically it has all I like so much about VNV Nation, who together with bands like Covenant (Sweden) or Apoptygma Berzerk (Norway), make fantastic music and are among my favourite all-time bands.

D.A.D. – Bad Craziness

As a teenager I loved Heavy Metal - all that macho-metal Posers like Manowar and many others. Then I discovered D.A.D., I liked the irony they make about themselves in their Songs and Videos. Their original name was Disneyland After Dark, but then Disney threatened to sue them and they changed into D-A-D. And the Bass Player is CULT: he builds his own basses with two instead of four chords and they look very funny (especially the Rocket Bass). Still have various D.A.D. Songs in my playlists.

Massive Attack – Teardrop

A very lovable Song. Massive Attack stands here for many Trip Hop Electronic Songs which inspired me and I listened a lot to. This track also always reminds me of a great live concert I attended in the Arena of Verona (ancient Roman Amphitheater in Verona, North of Italy).

Terranova – Never

A masterpiece of electronic music, especially in the use of delays and filters! Terranova is a Berlin Based Band that came up in the 90ies and I love all songs of this album, especially this one.

Watch the music video for 'Start Over Again' below!


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