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5 Songs I Love w/ Ben Hutcheson

Following the release of his stunning new ballad 'Need You Tonight', we caught up with rising country-rock artist Ben Hutcheson to find out more about his favourite tracks! If you're a fan of the songs below, be sure to check out 'Need You Tonight'.

Rusted Root- 'Send Me On My Way'

This song has always been a constant place of happiness, not just for me but for some many people my age and that I've known for a long time. It was featured heavily on films such as "Ice Age" or "Matilda" which were massive when I was a kid making it almost like a timestamp for so many of us back to when times were so much simpler! It has a lucky up and go feel to it with just so much difference to pop songs you tend to hear on the radio now. It really takes strands of influences from all over America and combines it beautifully all together. This is a song that I could sing no matter what mood and will never get old to me.

New Radicals - 'You Get What You Give'

You get what you give, What an absolute banger. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a massive New Radicals fan and I couldn't name over 5 songs by them but I have to say that this song just really, really hits. It completely encompasses the happy feeling in a song and I have struggled to find many songs like this. If you ever need to hype yourself up or have a long day ahead, slap this on, hop on the car and air punch/ guitar your way through it! This will forever be my 'get pumped' song to start a day off right.

Mogan Wallen - 'Whiskey Glasses'

If I'm being honest, this is one of the first songs I heard from Morgan Wallen and I have since done a deep dive into his catalogue! I absolutely love this song and the sentiment behind it. The idea of trying to stay positive during an absolutely horrid situation sounds familiar and comforting as I'm sure it would for many people. I also absolutely love the layering on the vocals over the chorus with the harmonies. They're discreet but really make all the difference to the song.

Darius Rucker - 'Wagon Wheel'

What a song. Wagon Wheel took over 30 years to finish fully and thank god they did, with it now being one of the best known Country songs in the world. Written by Bob Dylan with verse lyrics added by The Old Crow Medicine Show, this song has surely seen its fair share of gig venues, bars, clubs and anywhere with a jukebox. My personal favourite version is Darius Rucker's version however I know many people would argue that with so many versions being available. Truly just a feel good song.

AC/DC - 'Thunderstruck'

It would have been hard to do 5 songs I love without chucking these lads in. AC/DC and many other Rock bands helped shape my upbringing and my music taste. I've chosen AC/DC specifically as it completely encloses the idea of a Rock band in one. Mind bending vocals, Tasty guitar licks, Face melting solos and a classic heavy beat behind tying it all together. My music would not be the same without the Classic Rock bands such as AC/DC, Aerosmith, Guns N' Roses and so many more.

Listen to 'Need You Tonight' below:

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